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VCM Suite 4.0 & MPVI2


Taking the first generation MPVI to the next level, the new compact and more powerful MPVI2 will once again set itself apart with new features like Bluetooth® connectivity for your laptop or mobile device, Larger Internal Memory to store your calibration and log files, a new Pro Feature Set allowing you to log your vehicle without a laptop (vehicle dependent) and support for our soon to be released proprietary Expander Hub, ready for any analogue / digital / voltage sensor and device input requirements.

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Squash Performance Fuel System Information.


Please fully read and understand the following instructions and guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your fuel system and to ensure a problem free use from this high performance fuel pump kit.

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Tech Tuesdays 0004

With the recent update from HP Tuners we have been given access to some vehicles FSCM's. (Fuel System Control Modules).

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