VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit

VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit
VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit VCM VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit
$545.00 AUD

Our new design, we  have applied everything we have learnt from making the original VCM Alloy OTR and the current VE/VF OTR!  

Utilising OEM style plastic construction it's extremely durable while giving a very factory style and look to your engine bay, in conjunction to the larger filter area offering dramatically increased air flow from standard, there is port bosses designed into both sides, allowing breather and/or catch cans setups to be easily plumbed into the OTR.

Fitment is a breeze with it's adjustable mounting brackets* and even clears Monaro Fluted bonnets!!

With MAF** or MAF-Less*** configurations available, the new Plastic OTR covers all options.  

VCM highly recommend cleaning your filter with our K&N cleaning & oiling range, which you can purchase here!

*Some modifications to the cooling/air-con system may be required on your VT-VX.
**HSV VZ LS2 MAF and NON HSV VZ Configurations do require different boot arrangement, please use the drop down option to select if required.
***MAF-Less Configurations on some vehicles may need the addition of a IAT Sensor and appropriate harness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tyrone Stevens

really good quality

Michael Boardman
OTR Intake

Very pleased with products, great quality and customer service was excellent. Prompt delivery. Thank you!!

Gordon Thomson
Vcm vt-vz Otr

Straight forward easy installation with a large filter produced good up gains

Daniel Bryant
Vcm VZ OTR Maffless Kit

Comes with most of what’s needed, if it came with mounting bolts would be awesome. Overall great product and came up well after the tune.

Mafless VT-VZ Plastic OTR Kit

Upgraded from the alloy OTR which was flapping around like a fish out of water post cam upgrade.
New OTR doesnt move at all. Drilled 2 holes for the brackets, extended the IAT sensor cable, trim back Radiator shroud and we're good as gold.