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As the Exclusive Australasian Distributor of HP Tuners VCM Suite tuning software, VCM Suite Australasia Pty Ltd is proud to offer the most advanced, most comprehensive tuning software currently available for performance tuning of all LS powered vehicles (all USA and 1999 to current Commodore).

HP’s software allows for the almost infinite tuning of all GM LS engine PCM’s plus some Alloytec, all Ford BA to FG six and eight cylinder vehicles, added to which we are excited to announce the arrival of Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler.

HP Tuners VCM Suite is the most affordable tuning solution available, and is supplied with a plethora of value-add items including support products. Please ask about the myriad of support options when enquiring about VCM Suite tuning software packages.

The tuning suite’s incredibly flexible licensing options include everything from Single vehicle (engine and transmission inclusive) to Year / Model and ‘unlimited’ packages, in both Vehicle and Custom Operating Systems.

Due to persistent fluctuations in the $USD, package pricing has been removed in favour of a credit structure. Prices may be subject to change without notice due to the fluctuation of $.AUD / USD. Please confirm pricing when ordering. Package pricing is now P.O.A.




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    Exclamation HP Tuners - VCM Suite 3.6 Released

    HP Tuners VCM Suite 3.6 Official Release

    HP Tuners presents VCM Suite 3.6, the latest software now available for download! We have included many updates in this release ranging from newly supported vehicles, updated definition tables, additional controller functions and a wider range of scanning abilities.

    To view the latest supported vehicles list, click here.

    The latest version of VCM Suite 3.6 is available for download here.

    VCM Scanner Updates

    • Diagnostics and Info Readiness Tests now list tests that are Not Supported.

    • Fixed a bug where the scanner would randomly stop after an arbitrary length of time.

    • More parameters added,

    Controls & Special Functions
    • More controls & special functions have been added for many newer vehicles.
    • Several issues on GM vehicles have been resolved, including VATS Relink, Transmission Gear control...

    For the full VCM Scanner change log, please see the following link: https://www.hptuners.com/help/VCM-Sc...changelog.html

    VCM Editor Updates

    • More controllers have been added.
    • GM T87A 8-Speed & 10-Speed support.
    • GM FSCMs support.
    • GM CCM support.
    • Ford 2017 F150 / Raptor support.
    • Ford 10-Speed support.
    • Ford 2017 Powerstroke transmission support.
    • Ford 6.0L Diesel FICM support.
    • Ford aftermarket supercharger calibrations.
    • Ford FRPP calibrations supported.
    • Ford Track Key support.
    • Ford Crate Engine support improved.
    • Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM ZF8 8-Speed support.
    • Dodge 6.4L Crate Engine support.

    • Improved Tune open/edit/save performance.

    • GM Virtual Torque.

    • More parameters have been added.
    • User Definable Parameters

    • New and improved 2017 GM read/write process.

    • Licensing prompt has switched from file open to file save, export or write.

    • Many bugs have been fixed.

    For the full VCM Editor change log, please see the following link: http://www.hptuners.com/help/VCM-Edi...changelog.html

    For the full list of supported vehicles, please see: Supported Vehicle List






    VCM Suite GM (or Ford) Pro: $999.00

    • Includes MPVI Pro dongle, software CD, Tuner Disc (call for full description), OBD, USB cables and 8 credits.
    • The HP Tuners Pro dongle incorporates Black Box data logging (hardware logging without a laptop) and EIO inputs

    What You Receive (VCM Suite MPVI Pro)

    • 1 MPVI Pro Interface
    • USB 2.0 cable
    • OBDII cable
    • VCM Suite Software install drive