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It is no secret that GM and Holden want to change the landscape for us down-under when it comes to the humble Commodore. With the closure of local manufacturing in October, the rear wheel drive platform we have grown up with and loved since Holden began manufacturing the original 48-215 back in 1948, our need and desire for rear wheel drive vehicles wont soften any time soon. One thing is certain - we will eventually get our beloved V8 back.

With reports of HSV converting some American Muscle in line with their current RAM program and GM looking to deliver us a V8 RWD option like the Camaro or Corvette in a few years’ time – we will still be able to get our fix of RWD goodness. Another certainty is the strong aftermarket for these cars already established, and with already working together with great American companies like HP Tuners, Magnuson Superchargers  & Improved Racing - to name a few, we will have all bases filled for when the new wave of vehicles hits our shores!

So, in this current unknown and constantly moving landscape - we will have an aftermarket performance option for your Australian delivered Yankee muscle car!