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It has come to our attention that there are several companies upgrading the drive system for a range of superchargers and more specifically, the Magnuson range for LS engine. 

When wanting to upgrade the drive system on you Magnuson Supercharger, please contact us for further info. As upgrading or changing the drive for a Magnuson can and in most cases will void all warranty on your unit.

Here is a few things to think about before changing/upgrading the drive on your Magnuson Supercharger.

1.       The toothed belt leaves no opportunity for slip. While some installers may believe this is a good thing because the maximum rotor acceleration is ensured, they have not considered what happens when the engine rapidly decelerates (e.g. rev limiter). The torsional load on the shaft will be excessive.

a.       With a multi-vee, there is some slip active on deceleration as the belt load (tensioner) reduces.

2.       The radial load on the shaft is not only increased as there is no natural dampening from a multi-vee belt, but the pulley load is not over the bearing and therefore is trying to “break the neck” of the shaft.

a.       Note that the tensioner is fixed (static, not dynamic). 

b.       We also suspect that there will probably be broken crankshafts if this system continues to be implemented.

3.       The harmonics of a long toothed belt drive can set up all sorts of harshness in the drive. 


For more information, please contact us.