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Squash Performance is the #1 source for high performance in-tank fuel systems that will help give your engine the fuel it needs in a compact and neat setup. The units themselves are made up of 2 Walbro 267 fuel pumps housed in CNC aluminium with a factory lower bucket section. With the ability to support over 1000rwhp on E85 if set up correctly and even more on pump fuel, this unit is a direct fit into the factory fuel tank and utilises the stock seal and clamp components.

Its “return” style allows for maximum control and high horsepower capabilities - also giving you the choice of pressure regulator type, location and most importantly adjustment.

Due to the units ability to support such a large amount of power, there is a few things that you need to be mindful of to maintain the performance and reliability of your new fuel system. Any system can supply enough fuel without issue for less than 10secs down the drag strip, but a properly set up fuel system will help it last for thousands of kilometres and not just a drive around the block - Heat is the cause of 99% of fuel pump failures so please note the following:

Each pump will typically draw about 18amps at 13.5V at 58psi fuel pressure, due to this the factory pump wiring is not suitable and will require a qualified Auto Electrician to completely wire it into your vehicle. We suggest using at least 12ga minimum wiring to each pump and studded circuit breakers as ATO fuses are unable to withstand the sustained amperage and will melt and fail. Bad fuses can reduce the performance of the pump by 500HP or more!

It is also very highly recommended to have your Auto Electrician wire in a Hobbs switch of 1-2psi to control the operation of 1 of the 2 pumps. By running 1 pump while cruising and not under boost the fuel is not excessively heated as it would be while having 2 pumps constantly operating.

Fuel Pressure regulator plumbing is very important, it should not be plumbed in after the fuel rail, cycling the fuel through the rail allows the fuel to be heat soaked by the engine before returning to the tank causing hotter fuel. Always deadhead the fuel rail and run the Fuel Pressure Regulator in series with the fuel supply line.

The use of PTFE line is also highly recommended with a quality inline filter, -6AN fittings are supplied in the unit and is capable of supporting 1000rwhp but does have the ability to be upgraded to -8AN if you choose, but is generally not required.



  • The Squash Performance Fuel system is a custom fuel system suited to high horsepower engines.
  • As such a sound knowledge of fuel systems and their operation is required when installing this unit.
  • This unit is not designed to co-exist or work with GM’s FSCM (Fuel System Control Module).
  • HP Tuners have Holden’s FSCM on their to-do list with no ETA.
  • Using this fuel system in a vehicle fitted with a FSCM will result in multiple DTC’s and illuminationof the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light).