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Spring Camming is back - with a new offer...

That brilliant time of year is here once again, where beautifully designed billets, creating sounds of LS anger and power are packaged with even more to offer. Including the new release camshaft for 2016 - the VCM360 - it's time to go full circle on drive-ability and achieve a cracking idle with a power gain to match. 

 Not sure on the Cam? Try the Selector at http://vcmstore.com.au/pages/contact
 As some of you may now know, Springtime is a great time of year for many reasons. One of those reasons at VCM is Spring Camming, making the leap to a 'next level' LS even easier. 

 This year we are giving the purchaser 25% OFF their camshaft in a VCM Cam Pack, this can be used with any of the available Cam Packs, an offer that saves you on the cost of your new cam. For those who wish to start from scratch, we are doing 50% OFF any OTR purchased with a Cam Pack as a secondary option also! 
 Get in while the Billet's are fresh!

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