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How to set up the VCM Performance Wideband using the HP Tuners MPVI:

This is a basic starter guide for setting up the VCM Performance Wideband using the EIO input on the MPVI Pro.

Step 1. Open up the 3.2 VCM scanner. Make sure you have the "Channels" view open. 


Step 2. Right click on a black line and select "Add Channel".


Step 3. In the "Channel Selector" table, scroll down to the "External Inputs" drop down menu. Find the "MPVI Pro" drop down and double click on the "MPVI A/D Input 1". 


If this has been carried out correctly, the "MPVI A/D Input 1" will be added to the "Channels" table as shown in the picture below.


Step 4. Right click on the previously added sensor (MPVI A/D Input 1) and select "Transform".


Step 5. In the table below, we need to drop down the "Oxygen Sensors" tab, then drop down the "Air-Fuel Ratio" tab, from here double click on "Dynoject - WBC". 


If the past steps have been completed, the previously added line will display the correct AFR under the value column. 


Wiring Diagram: