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The VCM OTR is a high performance intake system and therefore must be maintained like one. The positioning, volume and location all play a role as to why the VCM OTR works so well. The higher airflow figures increase the amount of filtering required, more air being filtered means a dirtier filter - quicker.

We highly recommend the VCM OTR be inspected and cleaned every 2000 km's. This will not only prolong the life of your investment but will also insure the retention of the engines performance gain from the intake upgrade.

We use and recommend the K&N Filter Recharge Kit. 


Step 1, Remove VCM OTR from engine bay.

Step 2, Remove rubber boot from rear or OTR outlet.

Step 3, Unclip the 4 side clips from each section of the OTR.

Step 4, Push down on the 6 top clips.

Step 5, Push down on the 6 bottom clips.

Step 6, Remove K&N air filter from OTR housing.

Step 7, Clean filter and let dry before re-installing.