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Everyone here at VCM Performance is excited about the arrival of Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler tuning with HP Tuners, so excited in fact we decided to buy our own 2015 Jeep Wrangler! Already installed with an AEM side airbox and soon a Magnuson 3.6L supercharger we can’t wait to get this beast back on the dyno and see what it’s capable of.

Straight from the shop onto the rollers it produced 103rwkw, next was the airbox and that got us to 113rwkw. Finally, with a complete dyno tune we managed to get 130rwkw , a number we were more than happy with.

By no means are we bored of the LS engine but seeing the software become more and more diverse with its vehicle range, it’s always fun to get something different on our dyno and hopefully this is the first of many.


The Jeep that could – is now the Jeep that can! (With some boost of course.)

Time to fit the Magnuson TVS1320 – in kit form and on a standard vehicle like this one fitting time is usually up to 2 days. Allow more time for a heavily modified vehicle and tuning.

Below is the Intercooler being fitted, its quite big and fits quite well.


Inlet manifold being removed to make way for the Supercharger Unit.


Supercharger and Intercooler fitted  up ready for wiring and plumbing.


All fitted up and ready for the custom tune on the Dyno.


The results are in!

With 8.5 PSI and some mild tuning we managed to attain a maximum of 187 rwkW at 5200 rpm and maximum rear wheel torque (NM) of 500NM. Keep in mind this car started at a little over 100 rwkW and just close to 300 rear wheel newtons of torque. This modification has totally changed the driving characteristics of this vehicle.

The video below shows the car on our Mainline Dynamometer. Included in the video is a short medium to heavy acceleration clip – listen to that whine and look at how the front of the car lifts!

Video to be found here – https://youtu.be/uXX6wcIZ4vM

Below is the Dyno sheet with several runs plotted.

  1. In RED is the 100% “stock” power run.
  2. In BLUE is the “tuned and airbox” power run.
  3. In GREEN is the “supercharged” power run.


Launching the Jeep at Calder Park - Friday 26th February. 15.1 @ 92 MPH.


4X4 Australia's little story about our not so little Jeep Wrangler.