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September is a new year… for Holden & GM anyway. 

Every year in September we get new operating systems from GM/Holden. For example a September 2016 built VF Commodore is actually classed as a model year 2017 vehicle, when this happens we get new features, operating systems (OS) and sometimes different ECU’s.

As some of you may be aware, GM has updated their hardware & software to stop our industry cracking the PCM’s and altering the calibration. (And it is only going to get harder). In other countries GM have added some further security which has changed the licensing system, unfortunately making the whole process more time consuming. 

Now, for us Aussies we don’t need to panic straight away… it looks like we will not see this for a while in the Commodore. But, vehicles like the new Colorado could be effected. We are still not 100% sure what vehicle will replace the Commodore but we would expect the higher level of PCM security to be implemented into the replacement. But lets not get too involved with the new security just yet. 

Immediately, we will have the annual issue of new Operating Systems (OS) that will need to be defined. So what we recommend is that before you start working on the vehicle is to read the current calibration from the car before you commence work – this will ensure we have enough time to define the tune file before you revise it onto the dyno for tuning. When send an un-supported calibration, please include the VCM Suite Info File – while attached to the vehicle in question, this will streamline the affair and get the vehicle completed ASAP. Please bare with us in this time, we work on these as fast as possible.

Continuing on, please be aware that if we do have a vehicle that needs to have the extra work done to bypass the security we will need to have the tuning laptop connected to the internet and vehicle licensing will be slightly more involved - contact us if you think you have an affected vehicle.