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We get asked on an hourly basis, can we tune the all new Ford Mustang? 
We promptly reply with hell yeah! Including all variants of driveline combinations. V8, EcoBoost, Manual and Auto...  with outstanding results. HP Tuners have really outdone themselves, staying ahead of herd.. pun intended!
As much as I want to dive in and get all out technical with you all, I think we should start off with small steps, and in my opinion the V8 backed by the manual transmission combination will be the the go-to combo for all modifiers out there. The yanks - and rightly so - are already knee deep into current model Mustang modifications. With un-opened engines running out of this world times. We have seen this engine before, its the 5.0 Coyote Engine, seen in the factory boosted current model FG's.
With the recent release of the new HP Tuners version 3.0 we have great controllability and even better than before scanning software. Below is a screenshot from the VCM Suite Scanner, the plethora of information and the refresh rate of the new software is amazingly powerful to the experienced tuner. I've had the opportunity to tune a few different combinations, stock N/A, intake/exhaust combo, boosted - with various brands and styles of superchargers. 
The first car I got my hands on was in 100% stock form, stock exhaust, stock intake 2015 Mustang. All I wanted to achieve was setting up the VCM Scanner and doing some light Dyno tuning. Below is a Dyno sheet from this said vehicle, I only spent a little time on this and had similar gains to an LS in stock form like this Mustang was. 
If you have any questions or would like some files/scanner configuration files please feel free to email us at support@vcmperformance.com.au