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As new releases of the V8 Commodore we know and love comes to a very un-welcome end, we eagerly prepare for diversity among fellow car enthusiasts.

It is becoming apparent the 2007-2015 AMG C63 market will prosper. Pre-loved C63's are awesome bang for your buck - lining up with second hand HSV's - and delivering very close performance and features, they could be (and damn well should be) another option for the V8 RWD aspiring lady or gentleman.

The growing popularity of the C63 powerhouse was slumped into the hands of the Magnuson Engineers - the rising popularity and the high demand for a Supercharger unit thats well priced, fits well (without ruining the factory feel or appearance of the vehicle) and does all this looking so factory, the untrained eye wont spot the upgrade when the bonnet is lifted.

Recently, David came to see us. He wanted to see what all the hype was about as he owns a 2010 AMG C63 sedan. We showed him around our headquarters and let him gaze his eyes on our two development C63's, subsequently taking him for a spin around the streets of Knoxfield, Melbourne. He was instantly surprised as to how the vehicle drove - almost like factory, until you get trigger happy on the go pedal. That’s the beauty about our kit, we have an almost factory drive - until you want/need it.

The great drivability comes from a few things, the first is our integral bypass system. This vacuum operated valve opens or closes in conjunction with engine load. When there is little load on the engine, the throttle bodies are almost closed causing a high vacuum internal of the intake unit (or supercharger in this case) & opening the bypass. When this valve is open, boost is not produced and therefor removing a thing called parasitic loss. Parasitic loss is basically the power used to produce more power. In other words, the supercharger (for lack of a better term) shuts off and thanks to our witty engineers, this air is circulated through the dual Charge Air Coolers and is cooled – something most other supercharger companies don't do.

Here at Magnuson, we go the extra mile to keep an Original Equipment (OE) feel and look. We use the same fastener style and colour so we can keep that factory form and feel. Moulded hoses, tubes and looms - just like factory. Speaking of looms, everything electrical is "plug-n-play" - no cutting, soldering crimping needed and all 100% reversible.

Enough of the "Tech Talk" let’s get down into the numbers. As mentioned previously, David dropped his AMG C63 off to us with its 100% standard engine & drive-line, and stated to us he wanted to do the upgrades in stages and race it down the 1/4 after each stage.

Stage 1 for David was simply a set of 4 into 1 extractors and a tune to suit. In factory form the vehicle made 227rwkW, after the tune and exhaust modifications we ended up with a respectable 267rwkW. David raced the car at Heathcote Raceway that weekend and ended up with a time of 12.2 ET and 117 MPH trap speed. David chose to utilise his NT05 Nitto street tyres and the vehicle is fitted with a Wavetrac diff centre.

It seems David got the "bug" really quick and was on our door step the next week wanting more! He wanted to have the supercharger fitted and be racing at the next drag meet - which was that Friday night! We got straight to it; we fitted our supercharger kit - straight out of the box.

David's AMG gained 108rwkW with our kit (see Dyno sheet). That Friday night, he headed to Calder Park, still sporting the rubber in the guards and chalk on the window from the weekend before. He managed a best ET of 11.44 at 126 MPH.

What's next? David wants to see his 10 second pass and we know we can help him get there.

If you want more information on this build, the supercharger kits, or anything else we offer - please feel free to contact us.

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