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Before we put the cars we love into hibernation for the winter, let's give the LSA equipped car's we love a reminder of the crisp roads and that freshly modified feeling - since the air is about to get dense and cold. As part of LSApril we'll be doing some freshly spun deals on all LSA upgrade parts, with particular savings on the locally produced boost upgrade pulley kits. The overdrive will thicken up torque and give your LSA the extra edge above vanilla standard versions, coming in sizes 16, 18, 25, 28 and 30% overdrive options  - as well as our new LSA CAI. (Pictured below)

We have matched our kits beautifully, with a choice of 65lb/hr or 90lb/hr injectors we have fuelling covered keeping the 1900 supercharger unrestricted (and looking great doing so) is our all new VCM Performance LSA air-box. The new air-box is fitted with a high quality K&N filter. The units fits well and utilises the factory MAF to throttle body pipe, this is to ensure the airflow isn't disturbed. 

Raising boost is done by lower (balancer) pulley system upgrades, by only modifying the lower pulley we keep the supercharger intact, un-touched and looking factory up top. We supply a quality ARP double hex crank bolt and belt to suit our kit. the best part about our kits is the upgrade potential - our balancer kit is made up of 3 important parts. 

  1. Balancer/dampener - this does all the usual things expected from a generic or factory balancer - much higher quality.
  2. Seperate hub section - this is the main unit everything bolts to. Very high quality and is designed so we can easily bolt on or bolt off the pulleys. (Made up of two seperate parts)
  3. Upgradable pulley - this is the pulley unit that provides drive to the supercharger, this pulley can be switched for different sizes. We can up-size or down-size the pulley for desired boost levels. The best part, 6 bolts and your done! 

All this without removing the supercharger! Ease of fitment, tuning is easier with our "copy & paste" injector data and all reversible!

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Back in 2013, before the LSA engine was cool.