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Following the success of our training seminars alongside the guys from the Tuning School USA, it has been our main focus to streamline our software support process.


Taking into account the feedback and suggestions from our customer’s, also with the help of HP Tuners and The Tuning School, we have a clear understanding of how to tackle the grey area of what might be a TUNING or SOFTWARE issue.


The demand from workshops for tuning files is epidemic.  It is the role of the Tuner to understand the performance modifications made to the vehicle and how to get the best result through a ‘custom tune’.  This does not fall in the realm of Software Support.


The Tuning School learning material is available to purchase this will assist you in becoming a better tuner.

The step by step tuning process the books offer will give you confidence, knowing that you are learning a safe, effective and repeatable process. 


An insight into some of the areas covered in our Level 1. (GM/Ford)

  • Learn to tune using HP Tuners software specifically on Gen III & Gen IV LSX vehicles, Ford & transmissions
  • Topics include:
    • The basics of how to use the HP Tuners software
    • What tables need to be changed for your tuning needs
    • What the tables mean, how to understand them and how to adjust them properly for your vehicle modifications
    • The correct order of tuning, such as when to adjust fuel, spark, etc…
  • Learn a safe and effective repeatable process that you can use over and over again for three different vehicle modification types:
    • Bolt-ons
    • Heads/Cam
    • Forced Induction

 VCM will also continue to offer training seminars on a more regular basis throughout the year.


As of the 1st of July 2017, we will be implementing our new Software support process.


Due to liability issues with supplying tunes/start-up/base files/compare files, these are no longer an option to workshops or individuals.  Also with many years of experience, it is our strongest belief that handing out these files does not help the tuner learn in anyway.


  1. Our support team is available to help users with Software issues/concerns/questions by email only.
  2. Before emailing support make sure you are running the latest version of HP Tuners software.

This can be downloaded at any time from our website:   www.vcmstore.com.au

  1. If you require support – please email support@vcmperformance.com.au
  2. When emailing support please include the following:

             4.1-  VCM Scanner log of the issue on the tune you are currently working on.

             4.2-  VCM Suite Info file (connected to the vehicle).


How will this help you rather than hinder you?


Your email will be received by the whole support team (not one individual). Inturn you will be notified via our email ticketing system that our team are handling your request and the first available will respond to you as efficiently and in the most timely, manner as possible.

Do not call to follow up on this support as this will not speed up the process.

Do not call our sales team for assistance as they are not trained in HP Tuners or software support.


Tuning help??

We can help with Tuning tips when time permits as software support is our main focus.

We will point you in the right direction with screen shots, step by step guides or Tuning School documents.  We cannot modify files on your behalf, this in turn will help you learn the fine art of tuning.