The Tuning School - Gen 5 Tuning, Level 3

The Tuning School - Gen 5 Tuning, Level 3
The Tuning School - Gen 5 Tuning, Level 3 The Tuning School - Gen 5 Tuning, Level 3
$599.00 AUD

Product Description


  • + Learn to use HP Tuners specifically on Gen V cars including C7 Corvettes, 2014+ Silverados, 2016+ Camaro' and other applications
  • + Tuning Support included free for one VIN (add VIN support available)
  • + Designed so that you can start tuning the day the course arrives at your home
  • + Full 200+ page color workbook with screenshots including details on what certain tables are, how they work and how/why to modify them
  • + Separate MAF Tuning workbook
  • + Laminated Tuning Checklists (specific to each vehicle type bolt-on, heads/cam and/or forced induction)
  • + Tuning files and videos of certain more complex tables available on our new Online Learning Center
  • + Many shops and enthusiasts worldwide have used our courses to learn to tune

Detailed Information

The new Gen V ECM unlike those before it. After over a year of research and development, the team at The Tuning School, Inc. has created the best course you can buy to learn how to properly tune C7 Corvettes and 2014+ Silverados and 2016+ Camaros!

Our R&D team is at the forefront of developing tuning processes for the Gen V vehicles from the day they came out when we began tuning the first bolt-on and heads/cam vehicles, to the first and most powerful, world record holding supercharged 1,000+ rwhp C7's on the road today.

What can you learn with our course? We include the processes for tuning bolt-on, heads/cam and forced induction applications!

Our course addresses many problem areas that tuners are having today. These include:

  • + Running out of fuel? Not really! We've made over 1,000 rwhp on the stock fuel system.
  • + Do you really need meth injection to band-aid a lack of fuel problem?
  • + How do you really tune the torque tables?
  • + What do you do with the throttle maps?
  • + What' the optimal air/fuel ratio needed to run on the new direct injection engines?
  • + How do you keep the throttle body working properly through the tune?
  • + How do you keep the engine running well at idle with a big cam?
  • + and, many more.

The new Gen V ECM can be very confusing and if you want to get the most power, drivability and longevity you can from your Gen V vehicles or your customer' cars, you need this course!

Features of the course include:

  • + The basics of how to use the HP Tuners Software (VCM Scanner and VCM Editor).
  • + What tables need to be changed for your tuning needs.
  • + What the tables mean, how to understand them and how to adjust them properly.
  • + What the common ranges are for the tables being adjusted.
  • + How the basic fuel injection system works.
  • + The right order of tuning, featuring when to adjust Fuel, Spark, etc.

This course ships complete with the following items:

  • + Gen V Tuning workbook (written specifically for HP Tuners applications) (200+ pages)
  • + MAF Supplement workbook
  • + The Tuning Checklists (specific to car modification type)
  • + The Tuning Tree (a map of table locations)