Knock Box Pro

Knock Box Pro
$890.00 AUD
Knock Box Pro
The highly featured Knock Box Pro is designed for Single User Dyno operators, in order to be able to detect an audible engine knock inside the vehicle via headphones up to 4-degrees before knock can be detected by natural hearing during dyno runs.

The Pro Tuner Kit is supplied complete with:
  • Two x 3-wire knock sensors with 20cm lead and 3 pin AMP style connector
  • Dual 3-wire knock sensor lead with shield for connection to knock sensors
  • Dual sensor sensitivity adjustment for knock sensor fine tuning. Stereo listening through professional industrial quality headset
  • Dual overall volume control on headset. ? Selectable switch for 1 sensor use, converts to mono listening through headset. Cigarette power supply lead. Battery power supply lead with alligator clips for attachment to battery