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As with all electronic software there will be glitches or speed bumps and we are totally aware they can be frustrating - we are mechanics here and we do use the software in as many different vehicles we can, whether it be software, hardware or the user - we are here to help diagnose the issue. Over the years we have tried multiple procedures to avoid time wasting on both ends. 

Regardless of the issue, having the latest possible release is a great start, from there hardware like your PC and HP Tuners MPVI interface should be in good working order. Battery charged - but not plugged into the mains power - this has caused issues in the past. 

We have found with nearly every issue that arrises, we in almost every case need the following.

  • Standard tune file (if possible - of course)
  • Current modified tune file.
  • VCM Suite Info file
  • Debug.dat
  • License.dat
  • VCM Scanner log of the issue 

We are working on multiple ways to streamline the affair on our end to save everyones precious time, we all know we could do with more hours in the day.


Make sure the MPVI is connected to both the tuning computer and the OBD2 port of the vehicle in question.

Step 1, Click on the "Get License Info" button.

Step 2, Click on the "Get License Info" button in the dialogue box that appears.

Step 3, Click on the "Save" button, save this file to the desktop and send this file (along with the other files previously mentioned) to support@vcmperfomance.com.au

When sending emails, please make sure to send contact details also.


Debug.dat & License.dat file location.

Go to - Documents/My Documents > HP Tuners > Settings, the files are located in here. Copy them into the email and send to support@hptuners.com.au