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We have many years of experience helping our customers select the best camshaft for their LS based street car, drag car or anything in between. We receive many requests for for help and what our thoughts are on a clients engine combination. We believe the best way to help our customers choose the correct camshaft fit, is a mix of experience and "eating our own lunch" - we use and design our camshaft grinds in house!


The VCM Help Portal was designed to help you - our customer - choose with confidence. You simply fill out the form and it gets sent to our technical team. This team consists of a Motor Mechanic or two, a well seasoned LS tuner and our in house "LS only" based senior technician - doing this helps us get all aspects of the combination to work in harmony - the mechanicals, the calibration, drive-ability and your prerequisites are all taken into account. From here we work as a well oiled team and reply with our thoughts on the right combination for you, whether its an off the shelf grind or a custom spec camshaft.

To try out our Help Portal click the link below and #LStheworld

VCM Camshaft Selection Portal