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How to carry out a VCM Suite info file


Step 1.

Open VCM Suite. Connect the MPVI to both the car and tuning laptop.

Make sure ignition is now switched on.

Click the blue VCM Suite Info File Shortcut Button.



Step 2.

There will be another dialogue box open.

Click the Gather VCM Suite Information button inside this new dialogue box.

The laptop will now gather the info from the HP Tuners interface and the vehicle.


Step 3.

After the process of step 2, you will have all the required information in this box.

You can see what version you’re currently running and even see the amount of tuning credits you have.



Step 4.

Once you have the information displayed, you must now save it.

Click the Save Information button and take note of where you save it.

Send that to us, with the tune file from the vehicle.

It will automatically save as a notepad file (.txt)